When I grow up

When I grow up I want to be an inventor.  When Istarted thinking about what I wanted to be I was considering being a foot ball player, a soccer player, an architect, or an engineer.  all my friends wanted to be athletic when they grow up.  Why don’t I? I like sports but I’m more interested in other things besides sports.

My Hobbies

My main hobby is reading. Some other hobbies I have are like video games and sports. My best sports are soccer, foot ball, and indoor soccer. Some other sports I play sometimes are base ball and basket ball.  My favorite video game is Wipeout Wii.  Some other games I have are Wii sports resort, Lego Star Wars Wii and some other games.  Finally my favorite book is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. But I have too many books to name so I won’t name them. 

My Hero

My hero is a fictional person named Joe. He is like another version of me. His favorite color is green, like me.  His favorite food is donuts, like me. His birthday is November 2, like me.  His favorite subject is math, like me.  He is very hyper, like me.  And his hero is another fictional person named Joe, just like me!

Good Food And Bad Food

Their are several kinds of food some are good some are bad.  most are good but some are still bad.  Good  foods are sea foods, some pizzas, any kind of dessert item you can think of those are the big ones.  The bad ones are the green foods andthats pretty much it.

What Inspires Me

The biggest thing that inspires me is food.  Some other things that inspire me are like sports,animals,and silence.  Food inspires because food is almost my favorite thing in life.  Sports inspire me because it is my favorite hobbyor somthing to do.  Animals inspire me because they are fun to see what they are doing.  Silence inspires me because for some reasonwhen ever it isn’t silent it is always to loud.